ACT Calvary Hospital concerns

There are calls for the ACT Government to reverse a decision to take the ownership and management of Calvary Hospital away from Calvary Health Care – a Catholic operator and give the ownership to the government-run, non-faith-based Canberra Health Services instead.

The Federal opposition leader has also weighed into the debate and called for a reversal of ACT government’s decision to acquire the hospital and online petitions to garner community support are underway.

Supporters say this issue isn’t about Calvary Hospital alone and question whether the ACT Government can do similar to other Catholic agencies or schools.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse, Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn said, “I am deeply troubled about this situation and its implications. My prayers and thoughts are immediately directed to the 1,800 workers of the hospital and their families.”

“There is a rising fear, also, that this extraordinary and completely unnecessary government intervention could set the scene for future “acquisitions” of any faith-based health facility or, indeed, any faith-based enterprise, including education or social welfare.”To respond practically to the situation, the Archbishop has established a Calvary Hospital Taskforce and is asking people to consider signing the online petition:

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