St Nicholas Early Education celebrates graduation day 2018

Friends and family were on hand to celebrate with preschoolers from all five St Nicholas Early Education centres as they celebrated their graduation from preschool - the first major milestone in their learning journey.

Each centre worked in collaboration with their preschool groups to plan how they wanted to celebrate their final year of preschool and how they wanted to mark their transition to primary school. With the children helping to direct their graduation ceremonies, some centres showcased their singing and dancing while others presented their version of Wombat Soup.

All of the preschool classes wanted their graduation day celebration to include a cake as well as their mums, dads and extended family.

Another common thread across all St Nick’s Early Education centres was the look of pride on the faces and the sheer excitement of all the young graduates.

Preschool graduation was definitely a highlight of the year at St Nicholas Early Education as we farewelled 144 preschoolers as they looked forward to their future education in kindergarten.

It has been an absolute pleasure for the St Nick’s team to watch as the young learners grew from starting the year off with some trepidation to gaining confidence in their learning and their relationships as they moved through St Nick’s Transition to School Program.

As educators, we are so blessed to have played our part in their journey in their world of education and to have walked hand-in-hand with those in the St Nicholas preschool class of 2018.

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Kerri Armstrong Image
Kerri Armstrong

Kerri Armstrong is Operations Manager for St Nicholas Early Education.