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Horses for courses

September 05, 2021 Alexander Foster

The symbiotic relationship between a horse and a human is longstanding and unique, dating back thousands of years. According to clinical resource therapist, Brenda Tanner of Equine Encounters Australia, "predator and prey, fight and flight, natural instincts and learnt behaviours" must be suspended for the two species to build trust in one another.

Home learning  a lesson in preparation IMAGE Aurora

Home learning a lesson in preparation

September 21, 2021 Andrew Cornwall

St Bede's Catholic College, Chisholm first opened its doors to students in 2018. As one of the Diocese's newest schools, it piloted the use of Microsoft Teams for student learning.

The power of play IMAGE Aurora

The power of play

September 22, 2021 Kim Moroney

Research shows that intense, prolonged exposure to adversity can have a toxic effect on children's developing brain architecture and disrupt the foundations of learning, behaviour, and health, with long-term consequences on children's development. This evidence is especially concerning for our youngest, whose brains are 90 per cent developed by the time they are five years old.

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Adele Martin

September 23, 2021 Brittany Gonzalez

Adele Martin is a Newcastle-based, award-winning financial adviser and the founder of The Savings Squad podcast and My Money Buddy.


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