Who does the caring? IMAGE Aurora

Who does the caring?

September 03, 2023 Sean Scanlon

I recently read an article (Why We Shouldn’t Lose Faith in Organized Religion) which was a discussion between New York Times writer Tish Harrison Warren (an Anglican priest) and Eboo Patel. Patel, a Muslim American, is seeking to improve America’s democracy through cooperation across religious differences. I recommend the article to you but thought that the points they make were worth sharing in our local context.

A joyful pilgrimage experience IMAGE Aurora

A joyful pilgrimage experience

September 03, 2023 Bishop Michael Kennedy

You might be surprised to learn that one of my happiest and enduring memories from our recent Diocesan World Youth Day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and to Portugal is of our group of 44 young Catholics playing games, singing, and dancing together by the pool with childlike joy and enthusiasm on our final afternoon and evening together before beginning the long journey home.

Listen, Learn, Love IMAGE Aurora

Listen, Learn, Love

September 03, 2023 Kellie O'Sullivan

For more than 80 years, the Australian Catholic Bishops have recognised Social Justice Sunday by releasing a statement aimed at fostering Catholic Social Teaching and inspiring the Catholic community to engage with contemporary social, economic, and ecological issues.

Lights shining brightly IMAGE Aurora

Lights shining brightly

September 03, 2023 Christina Hutchinson

World Youth Day (WYD) is a global event, bringing together millions of young people from all over the world to celebrate their faith with the Pope. It is a Pilgrimage, a celebration of youth, and an expression of the universal church.

Celebrating the momentous legacy: 140 years of the Sisters of St Joseph at Lochinvar IMAGE Aurora

Celebrating the momentous legacy: 140 years of the Sisters of St Joseph at Lochinvar

September 03, 2023 MICHELLE MCGRANAHAN

140 years ago, four courageous young Sisters of St Joseph embarked on a momentous journey from Perthville near Bathurst to Lochinvar. Traveling by train, boat and horse-drawn carriage, they had a noble mission – to bring a quality Catholic education to children living in the remote parts of the Diocese, thereby nurturing their Catholic faith and opening doors for a better quality of life.

John’s journey from escaping war to graduating university IMAGE Aurora

John’s journey from escaping war to graduating university

September 03, 2023 Elizabeth Symington

For regular readers of Aurora, John Sandy is a name you will likely recognise. And it’s for good reason too – his story is worth thousands of words; one article would never be enough to capture it. We share his latest milestone below.

Growing Minds Inspiring Readers IMAGE Aurora

Growing Minds Inspiring Readers

September 03, 2023 Georgia Kirkland

Education is not just about memorising facts and figures; it is also about nurturing creativity and fostering a student’s innate curiosity and imagination. Growing students’ minds through creativity plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals, empowering them to express themselves, think critically, and approach problem-solving with an open mind.

The Innocents IMAGE Aurora

The Innocents

September 03, 2023 Magdalena Mycak

Each year on 15 September we pause to remember the trauma and devastation inflicted on victims of child sexual abuse by clergy and other Church personnel in the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Known as the Perpetual Day of Remembrance, it also acknowledges the impact on victim’s families and the community as a whole.

Can we rewire our brain? IMAGE Aurora

Can we rewire our brain?

September 03, 2023 Kelly Pavan

The human brain is incredible. Did you know that pathways in our brain have the ability to change and grow?

We can essentially rewire our brains to function in ways that it wasn’t able to perform before, such as developing the ability to pay attention and concentrate or to relax on command.

Synodality and the church’s future IMAGE Aurora

Synodality and the church’s future

September 03, 2023 Rev Dr Richard Lennan

The future is always unchartered territory. The fact that “the future” does not yet exist means that we cannot describe it with the same precision that we apply to an object we can hold. Despite this limitation, most of us tend to spend time pondering the future: What will life in fifty years be like if climate change continues at its current rate? What might schools, banks, and public transport be like in the year 2050?

Breaking the poverty cycle IMAGE Aurora

Breaking the poverty cycle

September 03, 2023 Caritas Australia

It takes bravery to overcome hardship, to fight against all odds to make change for yourself and your family.

Promoting a safeguarding culture IMAGE Aurora

Promoting a safeguarding culture

September 03, 2023 MICHELLE MCGRANAHAN

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle has an abiding commitment to promote and uphold the safety, welfare, and wellbeing of each child and every vulnerable person with whom we interact in the name of our church.

Decorate Your Gate IMAGE Aurora

Decorate Your Gate

September 03, 2023 MICHELLE MCGRANAHAN

If you walk past a Diocese Catholic school or St Nicholas Early Education Centre or OOSH Service from 3-9 September, you may notice something different!

Tune into wellbeing IMAGE Aurora

Tune into wellbeing

September 03, 2023 Lizzie Watkin

A Mission Australia survey completed by close to 20,000 young people across the country revealed that despite our ever-changing world, one constant remained - the primary source of support for many 15 to 19-year-olds during times of hardship was still their family.

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