Let the sun shine in

A week of kindness, joy and laughter ensued when the school community of St Joseph’s College Lochinvar took time to remind themselves of the great things that happen when we look for the good in all moments.

The college’s Year 12 students initiated their first-ever Sunnyside Up Week, full of fun activities, competitions and many other surprises.

“Sunnyside Up Week was an opportunity for St Joseph's to shine a light on discussing mental health and to embrace positivity,” said Isabella Crebert, a Year 12 student and college leader at St Joseph’s.

“Discussing mental health can often be daunting and confronting, however Sunnyside Up Week encouraged members of our community to reach out to those around them and find the good in every day.”

Each morning, there were greetings on the college gates for students and staff because “saying g’day can make it a good day”, a positive affirmation wall was created in Bertrand Place and a Wings of Hope art installation was placed in the college playground for photo opportunities.

The traditional school bell was replaced with upbeat music to keep the students “bopping along” throughout the day, students and staff battled it out in a variety of fun games and Year 11 and 12 students carried out random acts of kindness to others throughout the week. 

“The whole school community got involved and it was a very timely reminder for everyone to look after themselves and each other,” said Liz Stokes, assistant principal at St Joseph’s. “Thank you to the community of St Joseph's for embracing the spirit of the week.”





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