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On Saturday 4 June, Bishop Bill Wright ordained Camillus Nwahia to the priesthood, in which he joins some 30 priests actively ministering to people across the diocese. This was a significant event for the diocese and for Camillus himself, who arrived in Australia from Nigeria only in 2011.

Camillus then settled in Newcastle and began studying for a Master of Education at the University of Newcastle. It was during this time he approached the diocese as a prospective candidate for the priesthood and, after some preparatory time locally, from July 2014 he studied at the Catholic Institute of Sydney to complete his Masters in Theology.   

It is during this study that we as a diocese were pleased to welcome Camillus to the East Lake Macquarie Parish – now known as ‘Jesus, The Good Shepherd Parish’ − where he lived and worked pastorally supporting parishioners. He also provided pastoral support to students as a part-time chaplain at the University of Newcastle. Camillus was ordained to the Diaconate at Sacred Heart Cathedral on 21 November 2015 and now, just over six months later, is ordained to the presbyterate.

“I’m very happy to welcome Camillus to the priesthood here in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. He brings many personal gifts to this role, as he has shown in his work here as a deacon and in other ministries. Beyond that, and while he has come to know the ways of the Australian community and its church, he also brings us some of the vigour and exuberance of African Catholicism.

“The decision to become a priest is never one which can be taken lightly, and one I know Camillus carefully reflected on before and during his journey with us as a diocese.

“Camillus is committed to spreading the Good News and sharing his faith with all in our diocese. I look forward to seeing him continue to grow as a priest in the years to come as he supports, and is supported by, the faithful in our parishes in our common calling to spread the message of God's love and mercy to all humankind,” said Bishop Bill.

For now, Fr Camillus continues to minister at Jesus, The Good Shepherd Parish.

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Kate Bennett

Kate Bennett was the Communications Manager for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle from 2014 - 2017.

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