Domestic violence can and must be prevented

In Australia, one woman is murdered each week by her current or former partner. This statistic can be changed by confronting the factors that predict high levels of violence against women.

Research shows that beliefs that reflect disrespect for women, gender inequality and being trapped in stereotypical gender roles all contribute to the problem.

Every Australian has a choice to create a country where violence against women and children is not tolerated and there are many organisations in Australia working to address this issue and bring about a solution.

The Diocesan Social Justice Council is raising awareness by hosting a dinner on 26 August in Newcastle.

The speakers will focus on prevention, how to recognise signs of domestic violence and what each of us can do to help.

The Hon Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC, Chair of the Parliamentary Friends for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse, will present on what is being done at a Government level to address, and ultimately to prevent, domestic violence.

Robyn Donnelly (Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle) will present on healthy relationships; how to communicate more effectively and discuss the important issues. Respect and communication are important steps in the prevention of domestic violence.

Suellyn Moore (Nova Women) will suggest what to do if you or someone you know is in a Domestic Violence situation.

The dinner will be raising money for Nova Women, a service that supports women, with or without children, in Lake Macquarie and the western suburbs of Newcastle, who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or escaping domestic or family violence.

Nova Women believes in the rights of women and their children to live safely and participate in the community by being empowered to make their own choices.

The dinner will be held on Friday 26 August at Victor Peters Suite from 5.30pm, $35 per person to attend. RSVP to or P 4979 1111 by 19 August.


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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

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