Newcastle’s ambassador ship builds links with Papua New Guinea

“When I think back on my time onboard the s/v Ruach in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG), I cannot help to think of whose life was truly changed for the better - my own, or the people that we were reaching through medical and marine training, and different hospitality services,” says Vika Chartier, a 22-year-old volunteer with YWAM Ships Newcastle.

Vika was the Chief Stewardess on board the s/v Ruach during her first deployment to PNG to provide various medical delivery and training services. 

The s/v Ruach and her crew sailed to more than 12 islands in the Milne Bay Province, reaching some of the most remote communities. Throughout the first deployment, YWAM Ships Newcastle (YSN) connected with representatives from both local and provincial government, laying the foundation for a long lasting relationship between YWAM Ships Newcastle and PNG. 

As YWAM Ships Newcastle aim is to help PNG to reach its national health goals, Vika always made a point to provide the best experience for any volunteers and guests who stayed on board.

“Everyone in the world matters and deserves the best of service; no matter where they come from, their skin tone, or religious belief, everyone should have the same wonderful experience of life; not only onboard but together with PNG, we want to bring this hope of life into these extremely remote villages,” Vika says.

“I was blown away by the selfless generosity that the Papua New Guineans showed to us. There was never a shortage of working together. Papua New Guinea has my heart and soul; I cannot wait to work again onboard the s/v Ruach in the near future,” she adds. 

The s/v Ruach, an ambassador for the City of Newcastle, isn’t solely operated by YWAM Ships Newcastle staff. Marine volunteers are required, to safely sail the vessel, as are medical volunteers - to provide medical services.

There are also other opportunities of engagement so if you want to be part of this eye-opening and life-changing initiative YWAM ships are now preparing for their next deployment season, scheduled for 2018-2019.  For more information or to\apply, got to

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Elsa Jeanprêtre

Elsa Jeanprêtre is Communications Officer with YWAM Ships Newcastle.

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