Synod Session Two | Papers Now Available

With our second Synod session taking place on Saturday, we are delighted to share that the Building the Kingdom of God Together - Our Journey Synod Papers and Supporting Documents are now available to view. 

The Synod will be held in six multi-modal hubs, members of the Synod will gather together to discern the Synod papers. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will provide each of the members of the Synod with wisdom during the Synod session to be held on 22nd May.

The Five Foundation Synod Papers, are now available. Our discernment was guided by the contemplative dialogue process as we considered the Five Foundation Framework of our Diocese:

  • Identity and Community
  • Worship and Prayer
  • Formation and Education
  • Mission and Outreach
  • Leadership and Structure.

Feedback was considered by the Synod Working Party and distilled into the Five Foundation Synod Papers.

Each contains:

  • a summary paragraph of responses
  • our Story
  • foundational statements
  • recommendations for Synod.

Only Synod Members will be given the opportunity to vote on these proposals at Synod Papers. Synod Participant Members are able to have a voice but no vote.

Documentation for Synod (Directory, Processes and Procedures) - Is available on our Diocesan Synod Website ( )

Ongoing Formation - Videos have been uploaded to our website, from our theologians and others, these short videos are available now.

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Alyson Segrott

Alyson Segrott is the Professional Officer - Pastoral Support Unit in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle