India COVID-19 Crisis | Caritas Appeal

COVID-19 is causing widespread devastation across India. The most marginalised communities, many already living in poverty, are being hit the hardest.

Your urgent support today will provide immediate assistance to vulnerable communities impacted by this crisis. 

The alarming increase in cases is due to the new and more contagious "double mutant" variant of COVID-19, which transmits faster, produces more severe symptoms and takes longer to recover from.

Despite the catastrophic loss of life, the Indian government is hesitating to implement a nationwide lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus, citing concerns about the economic fallout. Many of the communities that Caritas Australia’s partner, Caritas India, works with are highly vulnerable both to COVID-19, but also to food insecurity and poverty in the case of a lockdown.

Caritas Australia is working with long-term partner, Caritas India, to assess the needs of the most vulnerable communities, especially indigenous communities and those living in poverty.

Caritas India is working to set up COVID-19 information centres and treatment centres to reach marginalised communities. 

Caritas Australia is supporting Caritas India with funds to set up the information centres and treatment centres. 

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