New leadership at St Francis Xavier’s Belmont

The community of St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Belmont welcomes Sonya Boslem to lead the school as the new principal.

Working in Catholic education for over 22 years, Sonya has had the privilege of pursuing her passion of education by working in several schools across the Diocese, providing learning experiences enriched with Catholic values and traditions for those around her.

“Ever since I was young I wanted to be a teacher – it seemed the natural and perfect profession for me,” said Sonya.

“I was fortunate enough to have excellent teachers and school leaders as role models throughout my school years. I felt very early on that being a teacher was an important career.

“I believe that teachers take on the task of developing essential academic, social and emotional skills for all students in their care. They nurture a child’s natural curiosity, sense of wonder and support abilities and interests.

“Teaching in a Catholic school is a vocation – it is a calling to share in the Church’s mission and encourage members of the community to live by the example of Jesus.”

Sonya recalls her fondest memories of her own schooling years when her Kindergarten teachers would let them learn through play, sharing quality books and her Year 6 teacher helping her understand those tricky Maths concepts.

“I was very fortunate to have teachers that were passionate about their subject areas and displayed a genuine interest in helping me gain knowledge to succeed,” she said.

“They gave me the confidence to just give learning a go and be an active part of school life.”

Sonya believes the most important part of a child’s education is providing them with a quality education – by helping students to develop resilience, social-emotional skills and problem-solving techniques they can learn to tackle the problems they face every day.

“As an educator, providing opportunities for the growth of academic and cognitive foundations reinforces skills that are essential to a child’s learning.

 “I look forward to getting to know the staff, students, parents and community and I’m excited to work together to develop shared goals focussed on school and student improvement.

“I have already witnessed a strong vibe with many positive and enthusiastic parents and carers wanting to be involved in school life.”

Over her years as an educator, Sonya has learnt that she must embrace the diversity of experiences, background and gifts of each and every student in her care and take time to celebrate student achievements while also walking with them through the hard times.

“As a teacher and leader, I have such an impact on the lives of students and that is why my positive outlook and interactions with others in my community is so important.”

Taking on this new appointment, Sonya hopes to continue to nurture and promote strong communication and engagement of families in school celebrations, initiatives and events.

“With the school community, I aim to form a common vision and establish goals that together we can work towards achieving.

“I see my role as leading my team to ensure that there are a range of opportunities to develop the ‘whole child’ and prepare each student for life beyond primary school years as they become contributing adults and citizens.”

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Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.