New leaders and vision for SFX Hamilton

St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton recently commissioned their 2019 Year 12 leaders at a ceremony at Civic Theatre.

We at SFX believe community and relationships are essential for an environment to thrive and so we gather here today, together, to begin the year and to acknowledge not just our leaders, but our community as a whole.

As the school welcomed their new Year 11 cohort, the school’s Year 12 leaders were presented with their badges. The recipients included:

College Captains

  • Lachlan Gaudion
  • Claire O’Brien

Vice Captains

  • Joseph Bush
  • Roisin Browne

House Captains

  • Summer Harrison
  • Verdelh Antonio
  • William Benson
  • Jasmine Browne

Solidarity Leaders

  • Priya Gibson
  • Leisel Lovell
  • Tallas Lynch
  • Max Noble

Year 11, you are a part of a new community which may feel exciting as it is a chance for a new start, or it may be frightening to leave the familiar behind.

Change is one of the most challenging things we confront in life. I sincerely hope you feel welcomed and that you embrace this community and truly feel a part of it.

Year 12, you have shown us to be kind and compassionate, thoughtful and generous.

The manner in which you interact and get involved in all community days whether it be fundraising, providing a service or just being together are all a testimony to that claim.”

The ceremony was also an opportunity to present the school’s Marist theme for 2019, Holy today.

It is an invitation to tune in more to the presence of God in everyday life – in the ordinariness of life.

It’s an invitation to look with new eyes, to search for the presence of God in everyone and everywhere. 

You need only to look into the face of everyone you encounter; not just friends, teachers, parents, family but into the faces of those you are challenged by.

Really look hard, in good times and in bad.

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