All Saints’ College Academic Achievers Ceremony

All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, Maitland celebrated the Academic Achievers for the 2018 graduating class and commissioned their new student, team and cluster leaders for 2019 during a ceremony last week.

The Academic Achiever Awards recognise the success of the previous year’s HSC students and help to inspire the students who will be undertaking their HSC in 2019. With outstanding results from the school’s 2018 students, this year’s Year 12 cohort have an excellent set of role models to look up to.

During the ceremony, badges were also presented to the 2019 student, team and cluster leaders.

“St Mary’s Campus had its best results in over a decade and we look forward to building on this foundation in years to come,” says Tim Cleary, Principal of All Saints’ College.

Diocesan First in Course

  • Clayton Carlon - Industrial Technology. Clayton also received first in the State for Industrial Technology
  • Sophia Derkenne - English Extension 2 and History Extension. Sophia also received 5th in the State for English Extension 2.
  • Hannah Dorahy - Hospitality
  • Nathan Duncan - Economics
  • Isabelle Hill - Society & Culture
  • Lachlan Hyde - Business Studies
  • Bradley Montroy - Engineering Studies, Physics and Biology. Bradley also received 2nd in the State for Engineering Studies.
  • Isabella Sherring - Legal Studies and Chemistry
  • Sydney Slade - Geography and PDHPE. Sydney also received 8th in the State for Geography.
  • Bianca Whereat - Tourism Travel
  • Anthony Coyle - Music 1
  • Rhayne Milgate - Business Services
  • Zoe Smith - Textiles and Design

Students with an ATAR above 90

  • Sean Bryant
  • Jacob Clarke
  • Nathan Duncan
  • Isabelle Hill
  • Lachlan Hyde
  • Zoe Linnane
  • Thomas Maher
  • Grace O’Donnell
  • Laura Pearce
  • Eliza Pigott
  • Taylah Reijn
  • Angus Saxton
  • Isabella Sherring
  • Olivia Sutton
  • Absent from Ceremony
  • Atreyu Cortez
  • Christian Engelbrecht
  • Luca Reading
  • Charlie Willis
  • Lily Cains
  • Lucy Wright

State All-Rounders who also received a Band 6 or E4 for at least 10 units of study used to calculate their ATAR:

  • Sydney Slade
  • Clayton Carlon
  • Sophia Derkenne
  • Bradley Montroy
  • Lily Cains

The Mother Mary Agnes Bourke College Dux of 2018

  • Bradley Montroy

2018 ROSA awards for Year 10 students:

  • Michelle Cornelia
  • Ruby Delforce
  • Olivia Fogarty
  • Arosh Heenkend
  • Hannah Love
  • Joseph McFadyen

Student Leaders

  • Jack Love
  • Claudia Minter
  • Harry Whitfield
  • Emily Woodward-Noble

 Cluster Leaders


  • Callan Burgess
  • Lara Aspinall


  • Henry Cooper
  • Olivia Knight

Spirituality & Liturgy Leaders

  • Therese Hall
  • Glen Digal

Community Leaders

  • Gabrielle Dippel
  • Georgia Hales

Social Justice Leaders

  • Jasmine Gilewski
  • Claire Hogan

Environment & Sustainability Leaders

  • Eden Williams
  • Julius Harris-Payne

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