What do your children eat when they’re at St Nicholas?

All our meals are nutritionally balanced and prepared fresh daily. The St Nicholas menu runs over 8 weeks and offers a balanced mix of red and white meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, based on the ‘Good for Kids, Good for Life’ Healthy Eating Guidelines.

It’s very important to provide children with exposure to a variety of foods, flavours and textures that they may not be exposed to at home and to learn about foods − how they are prepared and the associated benefits.

Every day St Nicholas prepares a seasonal fruit platter that is packed with vitamins and health benefits.

Fun fruit facts

Here are some interesting facts about what some of the foods we have here at the Centre contain and the many benefits of consuming them as part of a daily diet.

Pineapple – Vitamin C and Bromelain. Great for colds and breaking down mucus. A fantastic natural anti-bacterial agent!

Rockmelon – Vitamin C and Carotenoids. Protects skin and lining of the intestines, lungs, nose and throat.

Oranges – Vitamin C and Phytonutrients to battle viral infections and keep your child’s immune system in optimum health.

Apples – vitamin C and Fibre called ‘pectin’ which helps to maintain blood sugar levels and sustained energy release.

Bananas – Magnesium and Potassium. Excellent energy food! Easy to digest and naturally sweet. An ideal weaning food for babies.

Watermelon – Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and Lycopene. These are powerful antioxidants with anti-cancer properties.

Kiwi Fruit – Vitamin C and Potassium which are good for heart, muscle and nerve health.

Strawberries – Vitamin C. Packed full of goodness to strengthen the immune system.

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Madeline Ingold

Madeline Ingold is an Assistant Director and Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas, Singleton.

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