New fundamental movement program at St Nicholas Newcastle West

The children in the Moane Room at St Nicholas Newcastle West have been excited to begin a new fundamental movement program. Working in partnership between the diocese and St Nicholas Early Education, we drew upon the expertise of Helene O’Neill.

Helene is the Family Community Faith Co-ordinator and has many years experience in both professional and children’s sport and coaching. We are delighted to have Helene work in partnership with us. Helene visited us on Monday and focused on ball skills such as throwing and catching as well as some simple ball games. These skills not only promote teamwork and improved co-ordination but an insight into the many important reasons to be active.

In relation to the NQS, Standard 6.3 requires services to develop ‘links with relevant community and support agencies’ (NQS Element 6.3.1) and, more generally, to ‘build relationships and engage with the local community’ (NQS Element 6.3.2) (ACECQA, 2011, p. 159).

Our newly formed partnership will with Helene will benefit all children of all abilities, be inclusive of children with additional needs, is fun − and only slightly competitive! I’m sure you can see from the photos that the children all had a wonderful time this week! We can’t wait to have Helene back again!

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Toni Warburton Image
Toni Warburton

Toni Warburton is the Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West.

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