Clean Up Australia Day

On our first adventure walk last week, Oliver and Caleb noticed rubbish on the ground and told us that we needed to pick it up. Their interest in keeping our environment clean led us to participating on 2 March in the national "Clean Up Australia Day" initiative

Armed with gloves, hats, hi-visibility vests and rubbish bags, the children walked around the streets close to our centre, picking up rubbish. As we walked, there were lots of excited squeals, as they spotted rubbish to be collected. Our rubbish haul included lots of bottles, fast food wrappers, drink containers, plastic, bottle tops, cans, paper and even an old shirt and dog collar.

Participating in Clean Up Australia Day has facilitated the children's care and concern for our environment. Picking up rubbish in our local environment encouraged the children to 'become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment" (NQS 3.3.2). The children later demonstrated this by sharing what they have learned from participating in Clean Up Australia Day. "I learnt not to put rubbish on the floor ever again!" (Abby).

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Adette Smith

Adette Smith is the Centre Director of St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff.

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