Environment placed in perspective

Two primary schools in the Diocese went back to basics for World Environment Day on Friday June 5, allowing students to make some poignant observations.  

St Joseph’s Primary School, Bulahdelah refurbished its chicken coop to encourage students to recycle their food waste and provide an opportunity for them to see the benefits of caring for our animals. The students also participated in a nature scavenger hunt in local bushland to help them become more aware of their natural environment and spent time in the school gardens.

Year Two student Aimee Grey said World Environment Day is important because it reminds us to learn how to look after the animals. Year One student Anikah Patino said God wants us to look after the animals and the world.

At St Pius X Primary School, Windale, students planted shrubs donated by Lake Macquarie City Council for World Environment Day. They went out during class time in small groups with Christine Martin, the school’s pastoral care worker.

Year 4 student Atlas said: “Without trees, grass and plants it would be a dessert. Plants provide oxygen.” Fellow Year 4 student Justin said Environment Day is important because every plant gives us oxygen to breathe and “if we didn't have them there would be just dirt and the wind would blow the dust and make us choke”.

Year 6 student Haylee said it's important to pick up litter.

Kindergarten student Sophia said, “it's good to have plants because it makes you stronger”, and Kinder classmate Bell F said “it makes the garden smell good and it makes salad for us to eat”.

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