Educational greeting

When St Michael’s Primary School, Nelson Bay students returned to school last week, they were greeted by an enormous “Welcome Back” sign and a huge archway of balloons.

Some students said they felt like movie stars as they walked under the archway.

Students have transitioned to fulltime classes over the past three weeks, which principal Helen Bourne said was “an excellent way for students and teachers to experience life back at school while still catering for those students who were not able to attend in person”.

Last week was the first week to have all years at school for the whole time.

“The staff are relieved to have all the students back,” Ms Bourne said. “They have worked incredibly hard to accommodate home learning and are looking forward to finally teaching face to face.

“The students were very excited to be back with all their friends and were thrilled to see the ‘Welcome Back’ banner and the arch of balloons awaiting their return.”

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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle