Justin Mahoney awarded Emmaus Award for Excellence in Teaching (Secondary)

Justin Mahoney from St Mary’s Campus, All Saints' College, Maitland has proven to be a hardworking, dedicated, professional, innovative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable educator, receiving the Emmaus Award for Excellence in Teaching (Secondary).

Justin’s dedication to his students is evident. He is always well prepared, showing a great sensitivity to the individual needs of his students.

He is a caring teacher who continually works towards an even greater awareness of all factors that influence how his students learn. He is able to not only develop engaging resources and activities, but to establish a rapport with his students that is fundamental to enhancing their learning and serves also to help develop their genuine love and enjoyment of their time in his classes.

Justin has also proven to be a key member of his faculty who shows unconditional support of his colleagues and willingly shares his resources and collaborates with faculty members, as well as assisting them with the use of technology.

Justin is highly respected by his students and the staff of All Saints College and is an especially dedicated teacher living out his vocation in a life of service.

Congratulations Justin Mahoney.

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