A family affair at St Catherine’s Singleton

With two children attending St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton and another to start Kindergarten next year, Anna Slater talks to us about why she continues to choose the college for her children’s education.

After moving from Sydney to Singleton seven years ago, the family were still getting to know the area when Anna enrolled Sophia (now in Year 6) and Jack (now in Year 3) in Kindergarten at St Catherine’s.

“The school community has been integral in helping our family settle into life at Singleton,” said Anna.

“My children, my husband and I have made lifelong friendships through this wonderful school.”

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities that both of Anna’s children are continually involved in.

“The music program and band has given both my children the opportunity to learn an instrument and be exposed to the musical world and performing.

“This past term my daughter has been involved in The Writers Well – a group of Year 5 to Year 8 students who meet after school with dedicated English teachers to extend their writing skills. It has been very beneficial as my daughter works with students in the high school to further extend her skills.

“Sophia is also a part of the virtual debating team which is a great opportunity to be exposed to schools all around the country

“She is also a part of the Girls AFL team this year, which is a sport I would have loved to have played when I was at school.

“I’m a big believer in keeping my children busy. I think this helps them become more organised with homework, as they have to plan it into their week.”

Anna has also been regularly involved in school life herself as an active member of the Parents and Friends Association and has enjoyed being a part of organising the annual Night on the Green event.

“As parents we have always been encouraged and welcomed to be involved in school life.

“The Night on the Green has grown from a small group of families gathering to listen to the St Catherine’s music students to a huge event showcasing the musical talents of all students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is also a wonderful social event for families and friends of St Catherine’s.

“I think being involved has helped my children get the most out of their days at St Cath’s.”

During primary school, preparing for NAPLAN can prove to be a stressful time for students, but Anna has found that through the preparation teachers at St Catherine’s provide helps to take away some of this anxiety.

“The teachers at St Catherine’s spend many hours preparing the children for NAPLAN so it isn’t a big deal.

“It is just another day in the classroom learning and doing their best.”

Anna hopes that her children always strive to do their best at school and develop a strong love of learning that they can carry on within their schooling journey.

“I think it is important for the teachers to support students to grow into intelligent, kind, resilient, young people who can make a difference in the world.

“Our time at St Catherine’s continues as my youngest son Charlie starts Kindergarten next year.

“There will definitely be tears from me as my baby child starts school but I know he is in the best possible hands for the beginning of his learning journey here at St Catherine’s.”

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