Physical Wellbeing - More than just sport at St Joseph's

The Physical Education faculty at St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar, is helping students make better life choices.

Over the last 20 years there has been an increased need for schools to offer students a comprehensive physical education program, as they become busier and engage more with low-impact activities such as the Internet, gaming and program-streaming services.

Where once students spent their afternoons outside playing backyard cricket or soccer with their neighbours and friends, students are now at risk of obesity and a failure to develop key co-ordination skills.

It is well researched that physical education and activity provides a multitude of benefits including developing teamwork and social skills, which are often necessary in a modern workplace, as well as having a positive impact on student wellbeing and skill development.

A holistic education

Staff in the physical education faculty teach students the physical and mental benefits of participating in physical education, including its contribution to creating a happy and healthy life.

Physical education at the College is also centred around teaching students the life-changing effects that teasing and bullying can have on their peers, allowing them to take responsibility for the impact they have on each other.

Such education creates supportive and encouraging class groups that motivate and allow students to enjoy being involved in physical activity.

Going for gold

St Joseph’s offers a range of sporting opportunities in the areas of swimming, horse sports, cross country, athletics, cricket, football (soccer), hockey, tennis, netball, basketball, golf, rugby league, triathlon, rugby union and touch football.

With victories in a variety of state, regional and diocesan competitions in a number of team sports, there have also been many notable individual achievements by St Joseph’s students, with selection in prominent teams and in individual-based sports.

St Joseph’s College also provides opportunities for students to seek selection into representative sides at differing levels including St Joseph’s, Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan, Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC), NSW All Schools and selection into Australian All Schools representative teams.

More than just sport

A physical education class is about more than just participating in a variety of sports. Students at the College also learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol, the importance of resilience, what good mental health looks like and how to build, maintain and manage relationships with others.

By having open discussions, physical education classes create a culture of respect and provides a safe environment for students to ask questions and learn more about key issues that affect them personally.