The full TAS experience at All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus

All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, is one of few schools in the state to offer four different Industrial Technology/Design Technology courses to students within their TAS (Technology and Applied Sciences) faculty. In addition, students can choose Design Technology with a similar theme to complement their focus area in Industrial Technology.

For students of All Saints’ College looking to undertake a TAS subject, the college offers a wide range of subject choices, including Computing Applications, Design & Technology, Engineering Studies, Food Technology, Industrial Technology (Electronics, Graphics, Timber & Furniture, Multimedia), Information Processes & Technology and Software Design Development.

With all subjects being electives, students can take on multiple courses in paired packages to suit their preferred interests.

All Saints’ College TAS students have a record of high academic success in all their subjects. In the 2017 HSC, students undertaking Engineering Studies, Industrial Technology and Information Processes & Technology performed well above state average.

Skills for life

The TAS subjects offered at St Mary’s Campus provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop a range of skills to assist them  post-school.

Engineering Studies and Industrial Technology support students by preparing them for further learning at TAFE and Universities.

Subjects such as Industrial Technology Timber, Industrial Technology Electronics and Industrial Technology Graphics provide students with the  skills required in the completion of many trades. This gives students an advantage over other students when entering the workforce.

In the Information Processes & Technology and Software Design Development courses, students learn skills required for the completion of many TAFE and University courses in a number of IT areas. This also gives students an advantage over other students when entering the workforce.

A high quality teaching and learning experience

With an expert teaching team, including a number of seasoned HSC markers, TAS students of All Saints’ College receive a high quality teaching and learning experience.

Students also have access to trade-quality machinery in the timber workshops, as well as various hand and power tools and other Trade standard workshop equipment.

Such tools and machinery are also accessible within the college’s dedicated Electronics room. This room has been specially designed for learning within the Industrial Technology – Electronics and VET Electro Technology courses.

The college’s modern Computer Laboratories are also equipped with industry-standard multimedia and technical drawing programs.