Merriwa’s busy bees

With 60 students in attendance (a record number), the working bee at St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa was a day of co-operation, community and joy.

Showing their persistence and problem solving skills, Merriwa students worked on the school’s new sensory garden, which aims to a beneficial resource for the wellbeing of all in the school community.

Clearing and transplanting old vegetation, shovelling top soil and planting rosemary, this work prepared the garden’s next phase. This will see interested parents and students being asked to help design the rest of the garden.

The weekend working bee also saw one of Merriwa’s STEM projects come to fruition.

Using the knowledge gained from studying the properties of various materials, the students designed and erected a garden border for the northern side of the school.

Having chosen cement bricks as a suitable boundary, the students then measured both the size of the area and the pavers to determine the quantity needed, and then painted the blocks before working with parents to put them in place.

With the second part of this project in the making, watch this space for future developments.

“A huge thank you to everyone who attended the working bee yesterday,” said Principal of St Joseph’s, Helen Whale.

“Everyone showed true fellowship and grit and the work was completed in the true spirit of co-operation.”

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