AURORA EXTRA: Friendship in L'Arche

L’Arche (The Ark) supports people living with an intellectual disability. Enjoy this story written by Hunter L’Arche members, Michael Kenyon and Lorraine Austin. You're invited to come along to the next L’Arche gathering on 4 June at St Mathew's Anglican Church Hall, 7 Wentworth Street, Georgetown. All are welcome!

Michael and I have found lots of friends in L’Arche and had some great times going on various retreats to Tocal, Bethshan and Galong.  Phil also took Michael to Brisbane by plane for a retreat.

Although Michael now lives in a unit with a carer, he still enjoys coming to community meals and bowling and Vic and I take him on retreats.

Michael’s celebration dinner in 2013 was very special. He especially liked talking with each person and hearing their lovely comments about him each time he handed the candle on. What a great night of sharing with over 40 people attending!

Michael likes the L’Arche music especially John Coleman’s CDs.

The companionship and love Michael has been able to share has helped his spiritual growth and understanding. This in turn has helped him to be concerned for, and thoughtful towards, other people. Michael over the past few years has showed empathy with people worldwide who are hurting and has contributed financially to village programs in Africa and Asia by buying chickens, a goat, vegetable seedlings and a soccer ball.

Michael helps make cards to send to people who are unwell. The card-making started in L’Arche Craft afternoons. He now leads us at each Community gathering in sending a card to someone whom he thinks needs to be reminded that they are in our thoughts.

He has some lovely friends in other communities, especially Sydney, with whom we share outings and retreats. Katie, Bonfire, Geoffrey, Joanne, Keith and Bruce are some of these friends.

Jonathan, Michelle, Clare, Fred, Elizabeth, Robbie and Maree are some of his special friends in our L’Arche Hunter Group.

We pray that we will be able to continue times of great sharing and friendship in L’Arche Australia.

With our love,

Michael Kenyon and Lorraine Austin

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Lorraine Austin

Lorraine is a member of Hunter L'Arche.

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Michael Kenyon

Michael Kenyon is a member of Hunter L'Arche.

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