“The Government Inspector” Comes To Town

St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton is staging ‘The Government Inspector’ in June at the Civic Playhouse. Student Cooper McDonald explains the story and shares his excitement as showtime approaches.

The Government Inspector is a farcical political satire written by Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol. The play is set in a corrupt rural town where the population descends into panic when it learns of an impending visit from a government inspector which could result in the closure of their town. At the same time as they receive this news, a bumbling public servant arrives and the Mayor and townsfolk hastily assume that this man must be the inspector, resulting in some silly and hilarious consequences.

Despite the fact that the play was written in Russia almost 200 years ago the underlining themes of corruption, deceit, abuse of power, hunger and lust remain very relevant. The play is also very funny when combined with vaudevillian style, slapstick gags, one-liners and physical comedy. I believe that audiences will recognise and connect with these issues that are still very evident in today’s society.

I play Khlestakov, the man the town assumes is the inspector. He is bumbling, imaginative, physical, confident, charming and always hungry, and is so much fun to play. As a drama student I believe that it is extremely impor tant for all students to have access to the ar ts, as it encourages free and expressive creativity.

Another highlight of this production is its large and extremely talented ensemble. The cast of St Francis Xavier’s College Year 12 drama students is not only an absolute pleasure to work with, but immensely gifted. Everyone contributes different ideas, gags and variations which adds solidity, flow and punch to the play. It is very much a team effor t and group-based performance.

Under the accomplished direction of Creative Ar ts Coordinator, Mr Patrick Campbell, the performance will undoubtedly be extremely funny and a real treat for audiences. The excitement is almost ‘confetti-ing’ out my ears as the days draw closer to showtime, and I cannot wait until I’m sitting in front of the mirror framed with light bulbs, backstage at the Civic Playhouse, drawing on my pencil moustache.

St Francis Xavier’s College presents The Government Inspector at the Civic Playhouse from 12 - 13 June at 7.30pm. Tickets are $22 for adults and $15 concession and are available through Ticketek on 4929 1977.

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