Stranger than Fiction

Catholic high school students Michael Almond, Lilli Thompson, Billie Wheildon, Eden Whitchurch and Emily Shakespeare are all performing in this year’s ASPIRE production, Stranger than Fiction. They explain the allure of this unique production and the joy of being part of the cast. 

Stranger than Fiction is the ASPIRE production for 2015. The ASPIRE cast was selected in November 2014; students from across the diocese participated in auditions for each ensemble including vocal, instrumentation, drama, dance and strings. Rehearsals began at the beginning of February under the direction of Anna Kerrigan. Collaboration of ideas and unique talents by the ensembles and their directors have formed and shaped this year’s production.

Stranger than Fiction is unlike previous ASPIRE creations. The show includes many surprises and captivating acts to appeal to any audience. It explores aspects of imagination and reality and how the two are linked. The visually dynamic performance allows audience members to become immersed in different characters and realistic situations; discovering the impact our imagination can have on life. Stranger than Fiction will be staged in the Civic Theatre – the beautiful setting combined with vivid costumes and lighting will ensure a captivating and high quality performance.

As in previous years, a select few students have been chosen to perform a solo piece or part of a song in the production. This allows the individual talents of ASPIRE students to shine and highlights their different capabilities. Different acts, songs and choreography are suited to the various individual talents and styles of specific students. ASPIRE also acts as a platform to show the diversity across the diocese. Every student in Stranger than Fiction is equally important and each has a specific task to do. During the ASPIRE performances, students from the diocese give up their time to help with microphones and props backstage to make sure the performances run as smoothly as possible.

As students in ASPIRE we are given the opportunity to express ourselves through our talents. We have grown in confidence and, as performers, developed new skills and experienced what it’s like to perform on stage. Every Tuesday, as we gather for ASPIRE rehearsals, we not only do what we love, whether it is dancing, singing, acting or playing an instrument, but we get to be ourselves and have a great time surrounded by like-minded people. ASPIRE is one big family for all 110 cast members; we have created great friendships and unforgettable memories.

As the production draws closer, the excitement and anticipation of the ASPIRE cast become stronger. Stranger than Fiction is some of the greatest work created by ASPIRE to date. We invite everyone to enjoy this outstanding production and journey with us as performers between imagination and reality.

Stranger than Fiction will be performed at the Civic Theatre between 23 – 25 July. Book at the Civic Theatre Box Office or any Ticketek outlet or P 4929 1977. 

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