Religious Education & Spirituality Team and Pastoral Ministries Team Feedback

In October 2022, the Diocesan Trustees authorised a review of the Religious Education & Spirituality Team supporting schools, and the Diocesan Pastoral Ministries team. This review was conducted by Dr Dan White in 2023, with the report received and accepted by the Bishop in November 2023.

In a letter from Bishop Michael Kennedy dated 24 November 2023, Bishop Michael acknowledged both the contribution of the Pastoral Ministries and Religious Education and Spirituality teams and the report’s findings that opportunities for the future needed to be identified and that we now needed to ‘look to explore, listen and discern the ways we can best support our Diocese, our clergy, our parishes, and our people as well as those beyond on the margins and those who do not know Jesus Christ (Evangelii Gaudium (14), 2013)’.

Bishop Michael acknowledged that the review found that our ministry work to-date has stretched far and wide and that now is the time to focus our missionary efforts and path forward as a community of Christ’s disciples.

To plan how we help to bring people to encounter and build a relationship with Jesus Christ in the community of the Church.

As communicated in Bishop Michael’s letter, an Implementation Committee has been formed and one of the initial tasks of this group is to hold a series of listening opportunities, where we can hear directly from our clergy, our parishes, our people, our schools, and families on this matter.

We want to hear from all those wanting to share their vision and voice. To facilitate this, at this time we have the following questions we are seeking your input:

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