Powered by 100% GreenPower: New milestone for the Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland Newcastle is proud to announce that from 1 July 2023 all of its sites, including 59 schools and 12 St Nicholas Early Education Centres, are powered by GreenPower – 100% clean renewable energy.

Run by the NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change, GreenPower is the only voluntary government accreditation program that guarantees your electricity use is matched with power from renewable sources.

Head of Property for the Diocese, Ray Bowen said this is an exciting step forward for the Diocese. 

“We chose GreenPower because we wanted a truly renewable resource,” he said.

“We can be sure that the grid electricity our business is using has net-zero emissions.

“Many organisations are working towards this goal but we understand we’re the first Diocese in the country to be registered as having 100% GreenPower.”

The transition to GreenPower is just one of the actions the Diocese is undertaking as part of its Sustainability Plan 2022-2025.

Read more about the Catholic Diocese of Maitland Newcastle’s Sustainability Plan on our website. www.mn.catholic.org.au/sustainabilityplan

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