Ecumenical Way of the Cross

Join us on Sunday as we walk through the last moments of Jesus’ earthly life with the Ecumenical Way of the Cross.

We will hear personal stories in response to Jesus’ invitation to follow him. These stories of mission and outreach will come from across our Diocese as well as our fellow Christian Churches.

We spoke with the Diocese’s Manager of Mission and Outreach, Brendon Mannyx, on how this year’s Way of the Cross will be different than usual.

MNnews: What can attendees expect at this year’s Ecumenical Way of the Cross?

Brendon: “Every year, the Diocesan community gathers during Lent to take time to reflect on the final moments of Jesus’ earthly life. Traditionally, this would involve walking through the bushland at St Joseph’s, Toronto as we visited the fourteen Stations of the Cross. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain predicted this week and on Sunday, we have moved the event into the parish church. This may be a blessing in disguise as this year’s Way of the Cross picks up the theme of ‘Church without Walls’ and we have invited 14 storytellers to share their stories in response to the respective gospels at each station. The intimate setting in the church will give us the opportunity to listen deeply to and reflect on the stories from across our whole Diocese.”

MNnews: How does this year’s Way of the Cross differ from previous instances?

Brendon: “In recent years, the Stations of the Cross were dramatised by different groups from across the Diocese. This year, we wanted to share real life stories of mission and outreach that are happening every day, across our parishes, schools, agencies and fellow Christian churches. These are the stories that inspire and move us to continue working for the transformation of our world.”

MNnews: How does the Diocese’s Church without Walls Mission and Outreach program relate to the Way of the Cross?

Brendon: “‘Church without Walls’ is an invitation to the whole community to encounter the stories of mission and outreach that take place across our Diocese every single day. During the Way of the Cross, we will hear stories from some of the spaces ‘outside the walls’ that our mission takes us. We’ll hear stories from those who journey with those in need, we’ll stand in solidarity with communities that are suffering, and we’ll be invited to look beyond the walls of our own hearts. The stories are drawn from our parishes, schools, agencies, and fellow Christian churches.

This is the heart of our Synod Journey. As we listen deeply to the stories of our communities, we are also moved to respond.”

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 3 April 202
Time: 3.00PM
Location: St Joseph’s Parish Church, 140 Wangi Road, Toronto

Afternoon tea will be provided.

For more information, contact Brendon Mannyx:

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