Say hello to the Catholic Community Fund

“Investing with the CCF is a commitment to the community in which you live and work, whilst taking care of your own financial future.” 

For more than 60 years, the Catholic Development Fund has given back to our Diocese. 

It might have been through financing the construction of schools, supporting CatholicCare’s Community Programs or funding parish initiatives – their contribution to our region can be measured in many ways. 

And while the team have always been passionate about their work, they have a new sense of excitement for the future after launching a new name for the organisation – Catholic Community Fund (CCF).

The new title encapsulates their committment to the growth of our Diocese and the communities within it.  

“We have changed our name because we believe Catholic Community Fund reflects what our Fund stands for, what we represent and our focus for the future,” Fund and Treasury Manager Jenny Chung said. 

“Many people may not know that over the last ten years alone, the Fund has provided or given back over $43 million to support the charitable works of the Diocese and its agencies.  

“The community is at the heart of everything we do, so it made sense for us to represent this in our name.” 

Diocesan Administrator Father Greg Barker is excited to see what the future holds for the CCF. 

“Every year through the dedication of those who work there, the Fund grows,” he said. 

“There are so many opportunities for their current members, and of course new members, to be involved. In the change of their name, I hope people hear an invitation to be part of those wonderful opportunities.”   

Fr Greg also noted the CCF’s important role within our Diocese – he believes the new name represents the team’s loyalty to our community.   

“The change of name really aligns more closely with the mission and ministry of the Diocese and how the Fund supports that work,” he said.  

“And it’s a wonderful reminder of the Fund’s staff ongoing commitment to providing quality service to the wider community.”  

The Fund exists to provide an avenue for members to support their financial goals while positively contributing to their community. 

By harnessing the financial resources of the Diocese and its broader community, the CCF can deliver effective funding strategies to build schools, community housing, various facilities for CatholicCare, fund parish initiatives and many other fantastic works in our community.  

So, why should you invest in the CCF? 

“Investing with the CCF is a commitment to the community in which you live and work whilst taking care of your own financial future,” Jenny said. 

“Our members are making a significant difference to the lives of others in their community. While the Fund works for you, your funds are working for others.” 

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