Season of Creation to amplify marginalised voices

Christians across the world are being encouraged to come together and care for our common home during this year’s Season of Creation.

Christians across the world are being encouraged to come together and care for our common home during this year’s Season of Creation.

The ecumenical movement that runs from Thursday 1 September to Tuesday 4 October has been working all over the globe for more than three decades. The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle has been supporting the initiative for many years, in 2021 it hosted a film competition and this year the Diocese will do the same in a bid to raise awareness of our role as stewards of creation, to build and foster a Christ-centered community and to celebrate God’s creation.

Over the past two years, we have gone through a world changing event – the COVID-19 pandemic – and through its countless ups and downs, many of us are now comfortable with this new norm of meeting virtually, working from home and even being asked to be muted.

However, what about those without the technological abilities or means? They have been totally excluded and cut off from having a voice. This year’s theme, Listen to the voice of creation challenges us to think about the marginalised people in our community. It is calling on us to identify, listen and amplify their voices.

The 2022 theme also asks you to ponder on the times when nature spoke to you. Have you experienced moments when you have seen breathtaking scenery? Such as a beautiful sunrise or a magnificent mountain range? Those are times when nature spoke, and we listened. However, the theme challenges us to go one step further, to be able to hear this voice in all of creation.

The 2022 SoC symbol is a burning bush. The symbol originates from the story of Moses, (Exodus 3:1-11) where God acknowledged the cries of injustice and calls Moses to make a change. We, like Moses, are called to act and make a difference.

Personally, I would feel unequipped and that my small act would not have a big impact. But I think that is where this symbol was so beautifully picked. As the story goes on to tell, Moses too was hesitant. However, God assured him, as he assures us, that he is with us. Lastly, the theme and symbol fit perfectly together; the theme calls us to listen, and the symbol calls us to act. No listening is complete without action and no action is wise without first listening.

This year our Diocese will continue partnering with Season of Creation to help raise awareness of the urgent need to listen and care for the earth as well as one another.

We’re hosting another film competition and several other activities.

“I think this year’s theme connects with any social issue that the filmmaker wants to give a voice to,” Manager Formation and Education, Rose McAllister said.

“It is a great opportunity to raise a concern and allow the audience to think of ways it might be addressed.

“I really hope more people get involved this year.”

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A number events will also be hosted to celebrate the movement. Including the following:

Season of Creation: World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

This annual Christian celebration calls us to listen and respond together to the cry of Creation. This year we will unite around the theme, “Listen to the Voice of Creation.”

Join us on 1 September 7.00pm for an evening of prayer and reflection as we commence the Season of Creation 2023.  To register go to:

This article was written by Pastoral Placement participant Daniel Lee.

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