Synod 2021 | On the Day

With the third session of our Diocesan Synod originally planned for 20 November, this week we reflect on the journey of our Synod so far.

In the video below captured at the second session in May, Synod participants and delegates reflect on the journey to this point and where the journey will continue to take us. 

Despite uncertainties, such as COVID-19 and the Session Three postponement, our Diocese's synodal journey remains alive and well. 

In 2021:

  • Ongoing dialogue to come to a shared understanding of our ecclesiology and synodal process, involving Members of Synod, Parish Priests and Parish Leaders, Diocesan and Agency Leadership Teams and the wider diocesan community.
  • “Church Without Walls” involving all Members of Synod, and the wider diocesan community to learn about current activities that implement the Mission and Outreach Foundation.
  • Advent Reflection Program involving all Members of Synod, and the wider diocesan community.
  • Meetings of the various Synod Focus Groups to progress their work i.e., Foundational Guiding Principles, Discernment of Data, Diocesan Directory, Governance Guiding Principles and Documentation, Event Planning and Liturgy Planning.
  • Meetings of various Diocesan Councils, supported by Pastoral Ministries, to keep considering the Five Foundations Spiritual Framework agreed at Session Two of Synod. The aim of the Framework is to develop concise, clear statements that will guide the mission and functioning of the whole diocesan community.
  • Assembly One of the Plenary Council (3 – 10 October). Our four diocesan members to inform and be informed by our diocesan synodal journey.

In 2022:

  • Ongoing listening, dialogue, and discernment opportunities
  • Lenten Reflection Program
  • Session Three of Synod – Ongoing Discernment – date to be determined
  • Assembly Two of the Plenary Council (4–9 July)
  • Proposed Session Four of Synod – Implementation – date to be determined

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