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‘A Synod - the word means “journeying together” - is a formal assembly of representatives of the whole diocesan community: clergy, religious and lay people. Through the Synod process, which involves collaboration, discernment, governance and communion, the Bishop seeks advice on matters concerning the good of the whole diocese.'

On the 8th August 2019 Bishop Bill convoked the Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan Synod – Building the Kingdom of God Together. Session One – Celebration – was held on the 21st November 2019.  Session Two – Discernment – will be held on the 22nd May 2021 and Session Three – Implementation – on the 20th November 2021.  

Parishes are being asked to nominate delegates to receive an invitation from Bishop Bill to attend Sessions Two and Three.  Each primary school will be invited to nominate delegates who will be considered part of their parish delegation.  Further invitations will be issued to priests, religious, chaplains, Diocesan Councils, secondary schools, agencies, and other Catholic bodies.

If you are interested in being a participant in, or contributing to the Synod, please contact your parish priest, lay leader, Principal or Manager and express your interest today.

Expressions of interest close on 4th January 2021. 


Dear Friends,

You may be aware that we are in the midst of a Synod of the Diocese. The first session was held in November 2019 and was open to all-comers. In 2020 the second session was postponed because of COVID, but a lot of preparation for it still went on and it will be held in the New Year.

A diocesan Synod is a very significant event. The last one was held almost 30 years ago. The coming together of people from all areas of the diocese, and all aspects and varieties of its works and communities, to reflect and plan together for our present and future is a very big undertaking and should also be a time of great grace and encouragement. It will also help us contribute our special wisdom to the National Plenary Council of the whole Australian Church.

Today I invite you to consider nominating as a delegate to our diocesan synod. We are looking for a good mix of people from every part of the diocese, from every age group, from every diocesan ministry or lay group, from those associated with our schools or CatholicCare services, workers and participants, and from both those heavily involved in our church and those who still care about it but feel rather distant from it normally.

Expressions of interest to nominate a delegate close on 4th January 2021. I warmly encourage you to consider nominating. Every voice matters.

Bishop Bill


This directory addresses areas including: the Nature and Purpose of the Synod, Convocation and Preparation for the Synod, Synod Membership, Officers of the Synod, Commissions, Conducting the Synod and Synodal Declarations and Decrees.

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