Coming soon: A Call for Delegates Diocesan Synod Sessions 2 & 3

On the 8th August 2019 Bishop Bill convoked the Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan Synod – Building the Kingdom of God Together. Session One – Celebration – was held on the 21st November 2019.  Session Two – Discernment – will be held on the 22nd May 2021 and Session Three – Implementation – on the 20th November 2021.

Soon parishes will be asked to nominate delegates to receive an invitation from Bishop Bill to attend Sessions Two and Three.  Each primary school will be invited to nominate delegates who will be considered part of their parish delegation.  Further invitations will be issued to priests, religious, chaplains, Diocesan Councils, secondary schools, agencies, and other Catholic bodies.

The Purpose of the Synod is to

  • assist Bishop Bill in his office of teaching, sanctifying, and governing,
  • consult and collaborate with the diocesan community to discern the will of the Holy Spirit regarding pastoral activities and direction for the good of the whole diocese,
  • foster a sense of community and renewal within the diocese.

The Role of a Delegate is to:

  • represent their parish, agency, or community, and report back to those groups,
  • ensure the concerns and needs of the whole diocesan community are heard at Synod,
  • ascertain a better understanding of the diocese and one’s own faith.

The Characteristics of a Synod Delegate include  

  • being a baptised Catholics or enrolled in the RCIA process,
  • active involvement in a parish, agency, or ministry group within the diocese,
  • a commitment to contributing to the Diocese becoming more Christ-like,
  • a commitment to discern prayerfully what God wants for the whole diocese,
  • a striving to live the Gospel in their family, work, and community activities,
  • a desire and ability to listen with an open mind and heart to, and weigh up, all that they hear especially within their parish or community,
  • an ability to fulfill the requirements of a Synod Delegate.

The Requirements of a Synod Delegates include

  • reading the Synod documents,
  • participating in formation and preparatory meetings especially in six weekly reflection opportunities during February-March 2021 on the themes of the Synod and, one Reflection Gathering with Bishop Bill after Easter,
  • attending a commissioning ceremony,
  • listening to and respecting the views of others and weighing up all one hears in order to discern what God wants,
  • working with others to build understanding and positive outcomes for the whole Diocese, and
  • participating in both full day sessions of the Synod.

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Teresa Brierley

Teresa Brierley is Director Pastoral Ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.