Learning Lions Kindness Project

Since the beginning of the year staff in the Lions room have encouraged children to demonstrate small acts of kindness towards their friends and carers each day. Our overall aim in promoting kindness is not only for the children to show kindness and compassion within our centre, but to spread kindness into our community.

Having this goal in mind, we were overwhelmed when one of our pre-schoolers randomly approached staff and shared her concerns for less fortunate children and their families. She then came up with the idea to raise money for a charity that helps people who are homeless or struggling to put food on the table. Sharing her idea with the rest of the children, the Lions all agreed this was a great idea too… thus sparking the beginning of our Kindness Project!

Since May, we have spent many weeks discussing what a charity is and how they help people, before asking for family input in researching local organisations and charities that support people in need. After much deliberation, we invited Tracey Paget from the Singleton Neighbourhood Centre to speak to the children about the work that they do in helping our local community. After listening to Tracey and learning that they provide food hampers, blankets and clothes to homeless and struggling families, we decided this was the organisation we wanted to help!

From this we have planned and hosted a 'Lions Book Fair" on Wednesday 6 September to raise money for the Singleton Neighbourhood Centre. On the day, the Lions worked hard manning the tables and were responsible for collecting the money during the fair. All books were sold for a gold coin donation.

On the following Wednesday (13th September) the Learning Lions visited the Singleton Neighbourhood Centre to hand over the money we have raised and see firsthand the work they do for the less fortunate in our community. We are delighted to say we raised $517.50! What an incredible achievement!

We are so proud of this amazing group of 4 and 5-year-olds wanting to make a difference in our local community!

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Leanne Boughton

Leanne Boughton is the Director at St Nicholas Early Education Singleton Centre