Thank you for keeping our community safe

As part of our community involvement, the Learning Lions were proud to show their support for our local SES volunteers on their national WOW Day on 10 May.

The children were invited to visit the Singleton headquarters and see how the SES helps our community during disasters such as storms and floods. They learned what to do in a storm emergency and most importantly, why you shouldn't swim in flood water...because it has other people's poo in it, EWWWW!!!

The children were given the opportunity to explore the vehicles and boats, mastering how to turn on the sirens and lights. The SES volunteers also encouraged us all to play dress-ups and pose for lots of photos with a special WOW Day selfie frame!

As a thank you, the Learning Lions created a sign which read, "THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR COMMUNITY SAFE" and gave it to the SES to hang in its headquarters. The SES also kindly donated a special story book to the centre about the work the SES does in floods.

What a fantastic day we had honouring our important local community volunteers!

The Singleton Argus posted this story too about our visit!

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Adette Smith

Adette Smith is the Centre Director of St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff.