French discovery

This year the Learning Lions have had the opportunity to learn French through our ELLA program.

This government initiative gives each child the opportunity to experience the interactive program each week. Additionally, we have practised basic French words such as assiette (plate), fourchette (fork) and crème solaire (sunscreen). Furthermore, we have learned numbers one to ten and can sing Frere Jacques in both the English and French versions.

As the Learning Lions responded well to their introduction to the French language we then learned simple sentences. For example once asked, “Comment tu t’appelle?” (What is your name?) The lions were able to answer “Je m’appelle” (my name is) and then their name.

This week we have been exploring French colours and the song, “We can sing a rainbow”. Learning a new language gives children the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world, aids higher order thinking, challenges analytical skills, assists problem solving and incorporates social skills through working collaboratively.

We are really looking forward to the Learning Lions’ next destination with their enthusiasm in discovering more of the French language.

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Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence is an Early Childhood Educator at St Nicholas, Singleton.