St Nick's kids learn about spiny leaf insects

In March this year, one of our families kindly donated a pair of adult spiny leaf insects. We were given a male and female whom we named Twiggy and Twinkle.

Many hours were spent learning as much as we could about them through observation and documenting what we saw. Recently, we were very excited to discover that the eggs Twinkle laid months ago had begun to hatch! We have 15 nymphs so far!

Sadly, Twiggy and Twinkle have passed away but we look forward to watching the life cycle continue as our nymphs grow into adults.

We are proud to have collated all our learning over the last eight months into the creation of our own 'Learning Lions Spiny Leaf Care Guide'. These will be given to the families who adopt our spiny leaf insects. 

Adette Smith Image
Adette Smith

Adette Smith is the Centre Director of St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff.

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