Moane Room Recognises Remembrance Day

In the Moane pre-school room of St Nicholas Early Education, Newcastle West we are teaching our children to be global citizens.

Part of this role includes ensuring the children have a great understanding and respect for our country and the role it has played in history. On Remembrance Day our children made their own poppies and at group time we talked about what we thought this special day meant. The children offered some fantastic input with “I saw it on the TV, you listen to the music and you have to think about people”. At 11am we had a minute’s silence together while Emily played the last post for us all to hear. The children loved hearing the bugle play. We talked about the importance of pausing and remembering all those people who sacrificed themselves so that we could be safe and happy. One of our little boys closed our group time saying “they were very big and brave weren’t they”. It is great to see the children developing their understanding and respect as this will help them to become respectful, kind and thoughtful citizens in the future.

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Kendell Lyons Image
Kendell Lyons

Kendell Lyons is an Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Newcastle West. 

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