Sustainable milk lid art

Over the past few months the Learning Lions have embarked on a journey into exploring sustainability, in particular creating art with recyclable materials.

Milk lid artIt began on one of our many visits to St Catherine’s, where we had the opportunity to meet with Mrs Partridge and her Year 11 English students. The Year 11 group was in the very early stages of designing and creating a "Kindergarten Sensory Garden".  We were invited to visit the garden to see their progress. Looking around we saw a worm farm, an arch, a pathway and some tyres with plants. Suddenly an idea dawned on us! We could make something for the garden too!

Researching ideas, we stumbled across some inspiration on Pinterest…create art with milk bottle lids! Excitedly, we immediately reached out to our families at the centre asking for donations of milk bottle lids. Slowly but surely, the lids started coming in.  It took us a couple of months to collect as many as we needed. The next step was sorting. The children worked collaboratively to sort and classify the milk lids according to colour and shade. It was a mammoth task separating really light blue, light blue, sky blue, ocean blue and then dark blue lids but we did it!

Milk lid artOnce we had a piece of timber big enough for our project, we spent two days painting the timber with our simple silhouette tree design. The next day, the fun started! It only took us four days to hammer and nail the milk lids in place. While there were a few small bangs to fingers, the children did so well! We are so proud of our finished artwork and look forward to donating it to St Catherine’s at their Friday assembly.

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Amanda Mamero

Amanda Mamero is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Singleton.