Kitchen creativity at St Nicholas, Singleton

The last few weeks in the Creative Cubs have seen a wonderful interest in food preparation develop.

This has resulted from harvesting produce from our vegetable garden and from dramatic play with recycled packaging props utilised in home corner. We have explored various food and drink preparations through watching video clips on the internet and discussing our personal experiences from the home and community environments. We have prepared our own afternoon tea and have had opportunities to create with confidence:

  • Sandwiches with cheese, vegemite and cream cheese spread
  • Weetbix slice
  • Banana bread
  • Cruskits with vegemite and cheese spread
  • Crackers with tomato and cheese
  • Toasted fruit bread
  • Veggie sticks and dip
  • Cheesy pastry twists

We even planned our very own sausage sizzle which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Cooking with children is one of the best ways to make connections across and amongst many disciplines. Children do not just ‘make food’, they gain invaluable understandings of science in action, basic maths, the passage of time, pre-literacy and reading foundations, healthy food choices, confidence, creativity, communication and relationships.

Cooking with children is nothing short of awesome! We look forward to where this area of interest will take us…

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Madeline Ingold Image
Madeline Ingold

Madeline Ingold is an Assistant Director and Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas, Singleton.

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