Take Action This World Environment Day

This is a story that gives me hope.

It’s a story about people power, people’s health and our national sovereign wealth fund.

What’s a national sovereign wealth fund, you ask?  It’s a government-run investment fund which ultimately exists for the benefit of all citizens.  Australia’s sovereign wealth fund is called the Future Fund (great name, right?) and it’s worth $167 billion dollars.

Currently, our Future Fund is investing in fossil fuels, which means it's actively fueling the destruction of the environment. 

Here’s the good news: after years of intense public campaigning, the Future Fund’s Board of Directors committed to stop investing in tobacco companies, recognising the harmful effects of tobacco on people’s health. Their decision acknowledges the simple and sensible principle that if something is harming our health, we should stop investing in it.

This was in 2013, and we believe it can happen again. That’s why we’re calling for the Future Fund to stop investing in fossil fuels, as burning fossil fuels harms people’s health and wellbeing.

Will you be part of this movement?

Yes, I want to join the thousands of Australians calling for responsible action on our Future Fund

By signing our petition, you will join close to two thousand other Australians who believe in a healthier and more environmentally friendly country.

But it’s not just about Australia.

As an international humanitarian agency, we see the devastating effects that burning fossil fuels has worldwide.

In small Pacific nations like Kiribati, our partners tell us that fresh drinking water is scarcer, fruits are smaller and the fishing has changed. Rising tides are flooding their homes and eroding their land.

Everywhere, extreme weather events such as cyclones and floods are putting lives at risk.

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 there will be 250,000 additional deaths each year attributable to climate change.

This World Environment Day, it’s important to reflect on how protecting nature can also protect the people that rely on it. We need to stop investing in things that harm our health.

We know the Future Fund can make this change, just like they did for tobacco. They’ll do it if enough of us speak up, so take action now.

Zhi and Nic

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