Memories are made of this

Thursday 10 June was the coldest night in the Upper Hunter this year, but it could not freeze the spirit of the Year 12 cohort at St Joseph’s, Aberdeen.

This term, we decided to do something a little out of our comfort zone for our annual fundraising efforts. We wanted something we could get involved in, so we decided to complete a Vinnies Sleepout.

Little did we know it would be the coldest night, but we refused to turn on the heaters in an effort to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia

The sleepout not only brought attention to homelessness in the Upper Hunter, but it allowed the community to get involved. Everyone was talking about the Joeys Sleepout. The amount of donations local businesses provided assured us the community was proud of our initiative to do something about homelessness.

After setting an initial fundraising goal of $4,500, we have now raised $13,400 for the St Vincent de Paul charity. As a year group we are beyond proud, and all from a sleepout night we will never forget.

For us, it was a time to reflect, enjoy each other’s company, and have some fun as a Year 12 cohort. We lined up our sleeping bags at the back of the school hall, danced, and played games. Despite the cold, the trivia was very heated.

We also listened to guest speakers. Nick from the Muswellbrook PCYC spoke of the reality of homelessness in Australia and the most affected groups. Jane Callaghan from the Where There’s A Will Foundation chatted to us about our positive impact on the local community as a result of our “extraordinary” team fundraising efforts.

We know our principal, Mr Holstein, is immensely proud and he says our efforts show the community of our group. We are a tight-knit Year 12 and we know our sleepout night will provide many good memories. We look forward to watching future year groups at St Joseph’s, Aberdeen, follow on with the Year 12 Vinnies Sleepout legacy. 

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