Zoom in with St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield

As with many schools for Term 2, St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield has taken its learning online as well as using video-conferencing to deliver lessons via Zoom. This has been an extraordinary leap for our students who have embraced it and exceeded expectations with their conduct and engagement  not only with the lesson content but with each other  and developing a whole new set of life skills and mode of communication with their teachers and peers.  

We deliver three sessions each Friday that entail practical hands-on activities spread across four different key learning areas (CAPA, TAS, PDHPE and English). Some of the work produced over these lessons has included home-made musical instruments, cooking healthy meals, planting succulents, and fitness circuits and fundamental movement games. But everyone’s favourite is reading Roald DahlMatilda, which keeps students engrossed right to the end-of-day bell.  

A special mention must be made of our wonderful families who have supported their children in accessing and participating in the lessons. Some have produced great work of their own. 

As for the teachers delivering the lessons, not only have we learnt to manage students engagement by distance, but it has presented us with a challenge that has been embraced as a very exciting and refreshing change to the norm.  

Whilst we have thoroughly enjoyed our delivery of lessons by distance and discovering our new capabilities with video lessons, we are grateful to have our students back healthy and happy. They are a fantastic group of Years 7-10 students and should be proud of their accomplishments continuing their learning through this very different and difficult time. 

Many thanks to all our students, families and staff who have navigated the home learning and gradual return to school over this term. 

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