Literature transports again

Every year in August, schools and public libraries spend the week celebrating books and Australian children's authors and illustrators. This week of celebration is affectionately known as Book Week.  

It has been organised by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) since 1945 and many adults will have fond memories of dressing up and parading as their favourite book character. This year, the CBCA theme was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds and due to COVID-19, it was moved from August to October.  

At St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambtonwe decided to continue with the mask element of COVID-19 and invited students to create a mask and wear it to school on the Wednesday of Book Week. What a fabulous array of masks we saw. 

The staff joined in the fun, dressing up and ensuring the day was rich in literature. They took time to prepare lessons across KLAs that were centred around some of the beautiful Book Week titles. Classes had fun trying to name all the book titles that were included in our curious creature image. Only one class scored full points. 

Days like this remind us of the wonderful worlds where literature can take us. It helps us appreciate how stories feed our imagination and brings our focus back to the value of storytelling as an important part of any community. Plus, it is just great fun. 

To find out more about St Therese's, New Lambton or to enrol your child, please click here. 

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