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Students from Rosary Park, Branxton dressed up as a word for an Amazing Vocabulary Day in place of a Book Week parade.

They showcased their incredible costumes in a small parade and afterwards completed some exciting vocabulary activities in class.

The day provided a great opportunity for students to expand their vocabulary and learn from their peers. Students shared their word with their class and were challenged to define the word, spell it and give an example in a sentence.

Additionally, students engaged in fun vocabulary activities throughout the morning to complement the focus of the day using dictionaries, thesauruses, glossaries and participating in word games such as 5 second rule, Scattegories and Articulate.

We certainly achieved the objective of having fun with words and learning to use new vocabulary.

Rosary Park staff have included vocabulary as a specific teaching target this year.  Students have vocabulary walls in their classrooms, they have learnt to categorise words into three tiers and have the flexibility to move around the classrooms to “bump up” and improve their word choices in writing sessions. Many classes have a “word of the week” and students are encouraged to find synonyms for new words learnt.

Notable costumes in the parade included monochrome, nimbostratus, protestor, cadaverous, scintillating, ramshackle, galaxy, affluent, hydrochlorofluorocarbon, palindrome, sommelier, calculate, caution, and noteworthy, among many other clever dress-ups.

We are grateful to our supportive community for helping students with their costumes. 

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