On the road to find out

Driving along Medowie Road recently was a very enjoyable experience. With North Construction having established itself on-site on 25 November to commence earthworks for the Catherine McAuley Catholic College, it was pleasing to witness the level of activity and progress made to date.

In just over 12 months’ time, the Catherine McAuley Catholic College, Medowie community will officially commence. While the new and contemporary facilities will clearly generate much excitement, the real joy will be generated from within.

New Year 7 and 8 students, along with their families, will enter the college at the start of 2021. Joining these trailblazers will be an energised staff team charged with the responsibility of building a new learning community and culture.

The responsibility of making this vision become a reality is a tremendous privilege. It is said that cultural norms are more influential than institutional norms, with culture a “way of being”, setting the tone and “feel” to the community. Every school has a culture, yet they are unique. Those stories, rituals and symbols for example that help people find meaning in their community.

There is much to be done in 2020. Our college learning agenda is clearly a priority. Learning is lifelong, and as educators, it is important that we, along with or students, continue to broaden our base of knowledge and skills.

These holidays, I had the privilege of attending a week-long program with Harvard University. Held at the University of Sydney, it was attended by 170 participants from all over Australia and New Zealand. Addressing critical areas of instructional leadership, school culture, leadership development, strategy, and family and community engagement, it was a powerful learning experience with insights that will significantly support the development of our new college.

Assistant Principal Peter Antcliff will be joining me in mid-February to journey to Christchurch, New Zealand to attend a Facilitators Institute. Catherine McAuley Catholic College has officially become a member of the organisation New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. NPDL will connect our learning community on a global scale, providing invaluable resources and support to equip students with the essential skills and competencies to thrive in life.

Our college has also become a member of the Future School Alliance, a group of like-minded schools, committed to significantly improving the lives of young people around the world. Based on proven methodologies and supported by the latest research, the FSA provides professional support to school leadership teams on the specifics of how to develop unique, future-focused learning communities.

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