Getting their rock on

Students from Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah entertained a full house for their Aussie Rocks Concert last term.

Entertaining audiences for both a matinee and evening performance, family and friends were treated to a trip down memory lane. It was a music anthology of Australian rock and folk songs alongside a history lesson recounting more than 40,000 years.

Beginning with indigenous culture, students then narrated colonisation, the gold rush and Federation, followed closely by the 20th century eras of war, the Depression, immigration, modern Australia and the emergence of our unique cultural identity.

Word is out that Corpus Christi lifts the roof and rocks the house.

An incredible amount of thanks goes to Mrs Jeanette Chapman for the many hours of commitment to the performing arts in the school. Our concert evening is one of many great components of the music, dance and drama program she leads here at Corpus Christi.

Thank you to the teachers for the support within the classroom, practising and supporting student in their performance and thank you to the parents for such wonderful costumes. 

If learning is measure by engagement, this is one history and performance arts lesson that will not be forgotten in a hurry

Members of the audience commented it was one of the best music playlists they had ever heard at a concert. One said: “I knew I was here to see a concert, but I didn't know I was here for a history lesson." 

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