St Aloysius Chisholm receive Emmaus Award for School Community

Since opening in 2015, St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Chisholm has focussed on identifying and building a spiritual relationship between school and church, receiving the Emmaus Award for School Community.

By working to foster a close relationship with the parish community of the Immaculate Conception at Morpeth, students have been able to participate in parish masses, the parish sacramental program and other parish events while reciprocating this sense of community with the parish community being invited to special events at the school.

Besides building community through the parish, St Aloysius has also established strong partnerships with the local Aboriginal community. They liaise with the Mindaribba Local Land Council to provide incursions, excursions and the opportunity for students to learn local knowledge.

The school is also a part of the Maitland AECG where they attend regular meetings to collaborate with local schools as a way to build support networks and community. Local elders often come to share their knowledge with the students and they use their skills to work with the students to create beautiful Aboriginal artworks. 

The school, in its planning and then in its implementation phase, built strong partnerships with parents and carers as being central to the formation, learning and wellbeing of all students.

In four short but very busy years, St Aloysius has experienced rapid growth, with the current student population in excess of 600. Through this phase there has been a focus on building a community of cohesive and fulfilled teachers, confident students, involved parents and very strong links with St Bede’s Chisholm and the Immaculate Conception Parish.

“Since the school’s inception in 2015, strong foundations of faith and learning and positive partnerships with parents, parish and the wider community have been established and built,” said Grant Diggins, Principal of St Aloysius.

“The school has also fostered a close relationship with the local indigenous people and Defence Force families during this time.

“Although we are most fortunate to have modern, state-of-the-art facilities, it is the people inside these buildings, the students and staff, that are the heart of our school.

“Together with parents and parishioners we are blessed to have formed such a nurturing and vibrant community.”

Congratulations to St Aloysius Chisholm.

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