SFX Belmont discover Woolworths

Students from Years 1 and 2 at St Francis Xavier's Primary School, Belmont, are the first to experience a Woolworths Discovery Tour at Belmont Woolworths.

The tour was part of the students’ Health Unit for the term and gave them the opportunity to experience first-hand what a grocery chain does on a daily basis.

On arrival students were given an apron, a hat and a safety talk before heading off to see what happens behind the scenes.

Students explored the back dock and witnessed the famous “cardboard crusher”. Year 2 student, Ethan, thought the cardboard crusher was great because ‘it crushed the boxes then spat them out’.

The students then travelled in to the minus-10 degree freezer and wow was it cold! Molly in Year 2 loved the cold room because it was where ‘all the ice cream was kept’ and Maggie in Year 1 loved the freezer because it made her shiver.

The students played games identifying different types of fruit and vegetables and learnt about the fruit rainbow. They discovered that different fruits and vegetables help your body to grow and develop. Chase in Year 2 thought it was great because ‘they gave us a cup of fresh fruit to eat’.

The students also had the opportunity to visit the bakery and see how dough is made into bread. Mischa and Aria in Year 1 enjoyed kneading the dough because it was ‘really squishy’.

Some interesting facts students learnt during the tour included that Belmont Woolworths sells 1000 bread rolls and 3000 litres of milk a day.

The students were encouraged to be brave and try some new fruits and it was excellent to see them take risks and experiment with different foods.

It was a fantastic morning for the students - thank you to Michael Walker (Assistant Principal of SFX Belmont) and the team at Belmont Woolworths.